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Monday, October 15, 2018

Shadow Box "First Snow"

Haven't made one of these for a while. Not sure if it is done. Almost.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Few More Pictures

I found it very interesting that the small, fresh green, vintage car decided to push itself up out of the ground this morning right next to my green basil start...The basil has been in the ground, planted for about 2 weeks. No sign of the car until this morning.

Here is where the basil is planted in the newly fenced garden area. 
There are nasturtiums planted along the base of the concrete wall. They too, have pushed up to the surface. The tomato has some pretty good size tomatoes already. Maybe another month. Basil with fresh tomatoes.
For now, the gravel path takes up quite a bit of space. I layed down some weed barrier under the gravel, I will just roll it back when I want to expand a bit.
Couple of bean plants a along fence with more nasturtiums underneath.

 Found the door plate in the ground. Doesn't close the door extremely tight, but enough to keep Bambi out.


Maybe some Swallow boxes on the top of the poles next year and a hanging basket or two on the posts above the door.
 Planted a bit of screenage at the top of the driveway.

Certainly enjoying the driveway border. The native Rhodies have added to the color. What you can't tell is the height of this one from the picture. Probably close to 25 feet. It stretched out from it's place in the woods when there was more underbrush. The bull dozing exposed it and it has started to leaf out more. Couple more years and lots of the bare branches might have more leaves.

 There is a line of them that run all the way down to the mower deck. More in the woods behind.
 The self seeded Bachelor Buttons and Poppies ran down the driveway gravel in the rain this last winter and seeded here and there.

 Shasta Daisies are almost in bloom. Hopefully, I will continue to add things in the years to come. Definitely need more blue buttons.

Also had Egrets visiting again. I counted 50 Egrets, 5 Grey Herons and a flock of diving Cormorants, maybe 15 or so of them. They spread out and then regrouped. Must be something delicious to bring them in such numbers.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Primula Vialii and Egrets

My small starts of Primula Vialii are blooming. 
Hummingbirds love them. 

 If I remember right, I have some Denticulata right behind them. One lone Japonica. Bought seed...still in fridge...

Yesterday there were 35 Egrets, 5 Grey Herons and a small flock of Cormorants fishing for something wonderful that came in on the tide. 
Really need a better camera...

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Egrets, Weedeating, Mowing

Did some more work on the slope in back of the house. Starting clearing the blackberries, Scotch Broom, small fir trees and various other things the first week we moved in. Lets see, July 2016? 
This whole slope was almost entirely Scotch Broom and blackberries.. I believe at one point in the property, this slope must of been lawn. The Rhodies and huckleberries under the large trees are thick and must of been the end point for the lawn. 
Anyway, I am slowly, very slowy, clearing some more pockets of view through the trees. Want to leave all the bird bushes, Rhodies, ferns and huckleberries I can. 
I know, it looks like it has been scalped, but the grass will grow and green up again in no time and the slope will look soft again and a bit more open. There are pathways through the Rhodies that I will reopen. The deer keep them open. I will just widen them a bit.

 The Egrets came around the bend for dinner this evening when the tide went out. If I keep working at thinning things a bit more, pruning and limbing a few of the understory plants selectively, I will be able to see the waterway and the beautiful grass that borders it. And I will have pathways through the Rhodies and trees to wander on that can then be managed (while I am able).  A bit park like. If I do nothing, the view will disappear again again. 

 Last year you could not even see this view. There was a rather large fir tree in the way. I took my tiny hand saw and worked at it once and a while...This year I have a chain saw. I will have to go back into the thick and cut it up properly.