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Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Very Wet Vulture and Working on Basement Studio Areas

Working downstairs today. One section destined to be my workroom.  Another separate room for Tom's work space.

 New, really large sliding door in. New window. That far corner by the window will most likely be where my sewing machine ends up. 

I started cleaning the ceiling today. A few more nails and boards to strip off. Then it will be white washed and left open. Concrete walls and floors will be left as they are.
 I am thinking part of this wall where the shop vac sits will be a workbench sort of area for my tools other than sewing, hammer, drill, etc...

The open door you see at the bottom of the stairs leads into Tom's workroom area.

 We are going to store the wood stove pellets under the stair way area. Most likely we will close this side up. The drawer thing that is there will be turned and used in Tom's area for tools etc...guy stuff...

Through the door into Tom's work rooms.

 New window. We will most like leave the old door, but give it some TLC. It is wonderful and oversized. Tom is almost finished stripping off the old yellow sheet rock to expose the concrete.
 The cinder block wall is the back side of the fireplace.
 The doorway with the light shining leads into our water storage/pump room. There is enough space Tom thinks he can set up another small work space in there.
 My robins egg blue laundry sink. The plumber said he could provide hot and cold water to an area on this side here so we can use it.

Back to other side of basement. Beam down center will have boards stripped off. During the fall I cleaned and sealed the caveman fireplace before the pellet stove went in. We still have not used it. Electricity needs to be tweeked a bit...

 Stripped off the boards above the sliding glass door and window today and discovered a 16' beam that runs across the top. Nice. We will leave it exposed. I have lettuce and spinach up in the plastic tub.

 The fireplace has grown on me. Montana bluestone. Almost has an Art Deco look to the design. There is an electrical plug over on the top right shelf. Hope I can keep it for a little lamp or something.

Wet vulture after a night of heavy rain. He came to dry himself in one of our trees. I watched him out the kitchen window. He sat in the sunshine for a while and then...

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  1. I must say I am a bit envious of your basement work space! The large glass doors are wonderful. And, the stove too!!! How nice it will be on cool, damp days. I can only imagine what you will do with these fabulous spaces.