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Friday, March 24, 2017

Basement Studio Progress

Still working on basement. 
 I had the electrician run conduit down the concrete walls and put in plugs every 5 feet. Also had him put a few in around the perimeter of the ceiling, just in case...Never can have too many electrical plugs...

24' x 24'. Huge work space. Ceiling is in. So glad that is done. Our marriage survived yet another home improvement job done together...

Stained the large wood and metal beam and the beam above the window, door area. 

Got part of my cork board wall around the window area partially finished. Two unopened boxes of cork tiles from when the house was built were here in the basement when we moved in. I think it will make a nice place to pin ideas and inspirations. 
 We put up some wide fir boards around the perimeter of the ceiling so I could hang things. Sorted out a few boxes and placed a few items. Of course I will have to move things at least 3 or 4 times...

Bought three instant benches at Home Depot. About $75 each. Super easy. Open the cardboard box, unfold the legs, insert the lower shelf and you are done. We put all the benches on rollers so I could move them around. Varathaned  the tops and glued the Ace Hardware rulers to the edge. Might add some more tacks for decoration.
Tom got a couple of the vintage ceiling lamps mounted. Six of these, still in the original boxes from Montgomery Wards, 1958, were in a cupboard here in the basement. They waited a long time to be used. 


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  1. This is looking so good! There's space aplenty, and electrical plugs too...perfect for your machines and lamps. The hanging shelves are just wonderful! If that salmon pink chevy is still available, you might come pick me up when this is all done!