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Monday, May 21, 2018

Early Morning

Been busy cleaning up some more of the backyard. 
Native Rhodies are blooming.  Huckleberry bushes are surrounding Rhodies.
Very beautiful.
 Turned around and looked back. The chair propped up on the right is near my workroom door.
 This is looking out my workroom door towards Myrtle tree.

Bought a small chain saw for clearing out some more brush at the end of this lawn. It will open the view back up.

  Finding all kinds of lovely items in the bushes. Tires will be used for a raised bed. Path on left behind Myrtle tree leads down to dock. Blackberry patch along pathway. Blackberry syrup...
Path at right of Myrtle leads through wild sweet peas and joins with other path. I will take a picture when they bloom. Old ceiling fan with large aluminum paddles was buried in bushes.

 Seal was out there in the water this morning fishing.

From inside the house this morning. For Susan

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